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Patricio Lopez Juri

Patricio Lopez Juri

Founder @

Now you can make your templates public by publishing them to the Flayyer Community.

It is super easy, just set on your flayyer.config.js the private flag to false.

const {config} = require('@flayyer/flayyer-types');
module.exports = config({
engine: 'react-typescript',
key: process.env.FLAYYER_KEY,
deck: 'impact-news',
// Optionals
name: 'Impact News',
description: 'A short description of this deck.',
homepage: '', // your personal webpage.
keywords: ['news', 'vue', 'tailwind'],
private: false, // ๐Ÿ‘ˆ set to false to make it public
repository: 'https:/',
sizes: ['THUMBNAIL', 'BANNER', 'SQUARE', 'STORY'] // supported formats