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We asume you have some experience with web-development. But don't worry! You only need basic HTML and CSS knowledge to create your first dynamic template

System requirements#

Supported technologies#


This is what you can use to develop Flayyers:

  • React.js โœ…
  • Vue.js โœ…
  • Svelte (coming soon)
  • Handlebars (coming soon)
  • Pug (coming soon)
  • Plain HTML (coming soon)
  • Tailwind CSS โœ…
  • Typescript โœ…
  • Babel โœ…
  • CoffeeScript (coming soon)

Remember: a Flayyer is just a webpage that acts as a template to create dynamic images.


Anything! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ there is no restrictions where you can use Flayyer!

Checkout our Guides for some common workflows of how to integrate Flayyer with the most popular technologies.