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flayyer gem


Learn how to ingrate Flayyer with any Ruby framework. Here you will find the required documentation to use your templates on your websites.

We have created a library that can help you creating valid Flayyer URLs and so avoiding any potential issues with manually encoding values.

It is built as a Ruby Gem and is very lightweight and has zero dependencies. You can check the source-code on our GitHub: flayyer/flayyer-ruby.

Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'flayyer'

And then execute:
bundle install

Or install it yourself as:
gem install flayyer # not recommended

After installing the gem you can format URL as:

require 'flayyer'
flayyer = Flayyer::FlayyerURL.create do |f|
f.tenant = 'tenant'
f.deck = 'deck'
f.template = 'template'
f.variables = {
title: 'Hello world!'
# Use this image in your <head/> tags
url = flayyer.href
# >
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